Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club training day

On thursday I spent a truly amazing day at Jennie Maizels’ studio near Winchester!

Jennie was hosting a franchise training day for new tutors to run her amazing sketchbook club.

Jennie Maizels in her Studio

Firstly it was an honour to be in the presence of such an incredible lady after following her on social media for so long, check out Jennie’s inspirational Instagram feed here. I have always admired Jennie’s work and after being tempted to join her online sketchbook club I was thrilled when the opportunity came up to actually go to her studio for a day to get tuition from her directly.

Sketchbook Club - Colour wheel

I love the idea of being able to draw and paint but haven’t ever had the confidence or knowledge on where to start!

Jennie takes all the fear away firstly talking us through all the materials we might use on our sketchbooks, from paints and pencils to newspaper and old maps. We are surrounded by materials all the time and really anything goes.

Jennie Maizels - Sketchbook club art kit

The whole studio is so inspirational too with sketchbooks, drawings, books and clothes plasters decorating every available wall and surface. We barely stopped for lunch as we were so keen to try out all the different modules for the first term starting in January (although we much appreciated the freshly made salmon sandwiches and other delicious offerings!).

Sketchbook Club - pencils

So now we are all prepared to host one of the first of Jennie’s franchised “Sketchbook Clubs” here in Sherborne, Dorset.

Jennie Maizels Sketchbooks

As you know we will be in new premises from January and the beautiful new surroundings will be the perfect place for launching Sketchbook Club in 2016

Jennie Maizels - Balloon module

Why not book your place now!

If you would like to watch a video about Jennie’s sketchbook club please do visit her website, the video describes the online version of the sketchbook club but we of course will be hosting the club and providing all of the materials that you need including a sketchbook, pens, paints and pencils and of course the printed materials for each week’s module. Working with a group often provides the encouragement and support that a lot of people desire when it comes to having the confidence to try something new!

Sketchbook Club

The course will be 10 weeks long, with a two hour session each week during the term, with a break for school half term. Modules are all different to the online course so even if you have done the online version this course will be different.

I am going to start by offering a day time course but if you would be interested in an evening course please do email me at

You know what to ask Santa for now!

Book your place here: January 2016 Sketchbook club





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