We launched the first Jennie Maizels’ Sketchbook Club Franchise back in January and as the weeks have gone by the participants have grown in confidence and tried as well as improved on several skills. The course is designed for anyone who thinks they can’t draw and we have converted the non believers.

We started with a basic colour wheel lesson learning the art of mixing primary colours to achieve different and new colours,

Sketchbook Club - Colour wheel

then we had some fun with letter printing to try more colour combinations.

Jennie Maizels colour workshop

Week 2 was the doodle lesson – a great sense of calm washed over the group as they immersed themselves in doodling!

Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club - Doodle Workshop

Week 3 we moved on to painting bird using watercolours and pencils

Jennie Maizels sketchbook club Birds workshop

Week 4 was fashion week and the ladies used a special transfer technique to get the images of some tremendously well dressed beauties onto our sketchbooks, we then dressed them to the nines using paint, collage and pencil crayon

Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club - Fashion week

In Week 5 we went intergalactic with our spacey rocket scenes using a mixture of freehand drawing, transferring from reference and then paint and crayons to finish off.

Jennie Maizels - Rockets

Tricks and techniques have come directly from Jennie herself and we look forward to the new inspirational topics and reference materials she provides us with each week.

You can join us for the Summer Term Sketchbook Club which will contain ten new topics!

We have an evening class starting on 19th April 2016 as well as a daytime course starting on 20th April 2016. Both will run for 10 weeks and include a break for half term week. Please check the individual course details for exact dates.

All materials you require are provided during the weekly class but you may wish to purchase an art material starter pack and a set of beautiful colour pencils to carry on your work between classes.

Come and join the fun!

You can see more pictures from #SketchbookClub on Instagram.

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