Knitted Cotton Purse Pattern



Mothers day glasses case – March 2015

It’s March, and that can mean only one thing, the chance to thank and
celebrate all the wonderful mums out there. This pattern uses pretty
cotton yarn and feminine finishing touches to make the perfect gift for
a special mother.

Rico essentials Cotton Aran
4mm needles
cast on 32 (or any multiple of 2)

Row 1 – k1, p1, rep to end
Row 2 – k1, p1, rep to end
Row 3 – p1, k1, rep to end
Row 4 – p1, k1, rep to end

This is sometimes called double moss stitch

These four rows will form your pattern.

Continue in this pattern until piece measures 18cm x 19cm (7 x 7 1/2
inches) or larger if you wish. Now cut some pretty lining, and sew
carefully onto one side of the knitted fabric. Add some press studs
(poppers) or sew a button on, adorn with pretty crochet flowers or
scraps of lace.

this would also make a beautiful pencil case, or if made larger, a
clutch bag (if you wanted to make it bigger, the pattern just needs to
be multiples of 2 stitches)


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