What do you do with all the those craft magazines that arrive every month?

Do you treasure them forever or keep them for a while and then just recycle them? I know I do!

Just imagine receiving the gift of fabric every month instead, whether you use it straight away or add it to your stash for that perfect project you will use it one day!


With our monthly fabric subscriptions we will send you fabric each month in the post – you don’t even have to leave the house!

Choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze and receive either 6, 7 or 8 fat quarters a month. The fabrics will always co-ordinate and of course if you love a particular selection you can always top up your order from our webshop.

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I think we all have a long “making” wish list and adding ideas to it wont get the projects done, my Pinterest board has over 1000 pins and those are just the ones you can see – not the ones hidden away on secret boards. If I just dedicated the time to making rather than browsing for more ideas I would be so much happier…

Butterfly Bright pinterest board


Is someone you know approaching a special birthday or perhaps their retirement?

One of our fabric subscriptions would make an awesome present for someone who loves to sew or do patchwork, why not club together with your friends or workmates to give them an amazing gift that lasts and lasts..






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