Crochet V-Stitch coffee pot cover pattern



Crochet Coffee Pot Cover


4mm crochet hook

6 balls of Aran weight crochet cotton in a choice of colours

(I used pale pink, blue, green cream, yellow and mauve)

Tapestry needle

Buttons and thread to sew them on


Make a starting chain of 57 plus 4 (you can increase or decrease according to your own coffee pot as long as the chain is in multiples of 3+2+2).

In the 5th chain stitch from the hook make a treble, a chain and another treble all in the same stitch.

Miss 2 chain and repeat making a treble, a chain and a treble in the next chain stitch. Continue doing this to the end of the row.

At the end of the row miss one chain and make a treble in the last stitch.

End with the first colour and start again at the beginning with a new colour.

V-Stitch close up

Chain up three at the beginning of the row and then make a treble, a chain and a treble in each “V-Stitch” along the row, ending with a treble in the last stitch.

Continue making rows until the work is big enough to cover your coffee pot. To tidy up the edges go right around the edge with a double crochet stitch. Sew in the ends with your tapestry needle

Coffee Pot Cover and yarns

I attached three loops made with chain stitch on one short end and added buttons on the opposite side to use to keep the cover in place whilst in use.

Put the kettle on and enjoy!

If you are having a problems with the pattern do pop along to our free Yarn Bee every Friday morning 10am-12pm.

We also have a crochet club on a Wednesday evening from 7.30-9.30 which you are welcome to come along to!

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