To be honest…

It has been whispered in hushed tones in my shop and also said straight to my face:

“I can get this cheaper online”

I know this is true but I have to face facts, I have a high street store with rent, rates and wage bills to cover. I stick to the recommended price for high street premises but I know I am losing out to my online competitors.

The reason I opened my shop was that I kept buying fabrics online and they weren’t what I wanted – either the wrong colour or the wrong texture or simply combinations that looked right on screen but did not not work in the flesh.

There is something about the touch and the feel of both fabrics and yarns that makes your local high street haberdashery so special, and if you want them to stick around you need to use them.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee!

So here is my promise to you – if you join our Fabric Loyalty Club you will get access to discount codes that bring our prices in line with online stores.

I will also keep you up to date with all the latest arrivals, workshops, special events and offers.

As time has gone by Butterfly Bright has become more of a social hub than just a normal high street store, there is barely a moment when the shop is empty, with regulars stopping by for help with a project or just a coffee and a chat, as well as organised weekly and bi-weekly groups.

As more and more independent shops in Sherborne close due to increasing rents, more chain stores will come in and push rents up even further.

We want to ensure our longevity by keeping prices affordable and the kettle whistling.

Please support us and signup to our Fabric Loyalty Club now for 20% off your first order online or in store.


Let’s do our bit to keep the high street unique!

Join our Fabric Loyalty Club


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