Earlier this year in response to a call from Taff at Abbey 104 radio station we had the idea to create a Pudsey that we could fill with pom-poms to get people crafting as well as raising money for a great charity – Children In Need!


Ali, Caroline and Pudsey

Thank you to South West Signs of Sherborne who very kindly made the fantastic Pudsey picture for us.

We spread the word to local schools and care homes and asked our customers to join in too.

People were soon gripped with pom-pom mania and small yellow offerings started to arrive daily.

The best delivery came from Sherborne Abbey Primary School who made 230 pom-poms in all shades, shapes and sizes.Abbey_pompoms

We attached all of the pompoms to our Pudsey picture, made him a spotty bandana and he was ready to go!



Pudsey took centre stage at the fundraising concert organised by Abbey 104 on 14th November –


he even met the Mayor of Sherborne!



We think he looked particularly amazing under the ultra violet lights!



Thanks to everyone who helped us to make #PomPomPudsey a reality and raise £248 for this wonderful charity.


Ali and Caroline





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