Clubs & Gatherings!

Craft Club Wednesdays

We will meet as a group on the First Wednesday of every month for our craft club

  • workshop tableWednesday 4th January
  • Wednesday 1st February
  • Wednesday 1st March
  • Wednesday 5th April
  • Wednesday 3rd May – apologies but 3rd may is cancelled due to illness
  • Wednesday 7th June
  • Wednesday 5th July
  • Wednesday 2nd August
  • Wednesday 6th September
  • Wednesday 4th October
  • Wednesday 1st November
  • Wednesday 6th December

£3 a session includes refreshments and usually cake!

Please join our Crochet Club Facebook group for updates on meetings and special offers:

crochet club

We have a lively group of ladies who enjoy meeting up on Wednesday evenings to chat and do some crochet – they inspire each other with new ideas and encourage each other to try out new techniques!

These ladies have tried most of our crochet workshops and so they are a fountain of knowledge on the subject.







Patchwork for beginners

We have decided to combine the patchwork club into the same evening to make this most of our collective knowledge on all things crafty!

We would like to co-ordinate the making of some Linus Quilts in 2017 and so would welcome anyone volunteering to make some blocks to go towards some quilts for this great charity.

Feel free to bring along any craft that is portable, lots of ladies bring knitting, crochet as well as embroidery, tapestry or even drawing




We were particularly thrilled when Mary Portas turned up to crochet club on 10 June 2015!

Mary Portas at Butterfly Bright

Mary Portas at Butterfly Bright crochet club



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